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EDIN Farms IsaBella 2 years owned by<br> Jessica Escajeda

Neapolitan Mastiffs

We are expanding our horizons and going to show! 

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Please note we are members of several organizations that help us stay up to date on all of the most recent concerns in our breeds. We love to stay educated and on top of new things!

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Other Critters

We are breeders of Dexter Cattle, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Kahatadin Sheep, and Kune Kune pigs for pets and hobby farmers alike. They are all offered within their own registries and come available at different times throughout the year 

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EDIN Farms Neos

One of the best breeders out there! This lady knows her stuff and what she doesn't know she will research. We will definitely go to her when we are ready for another pup to add to our family!

Tiffany Reed Fisher recommends EDIN Farms Neos.

January 11, 2020

Jessica is amazing! She responds quickly and will send lots of pup pics from birth to the time they are ready to come home to you. She gives lots of recommendations and continues to want to be part of the puppies' lives after she has sold them. And the puppies are AWESOME...they are beautiful and have a great temperament with other dogs and kids. I highly recommend her! And if my husband would let me get another one I would do it in a heartbeat! You can’t go wrong with Edin Farms Neos!!

Maggie Lister recommends EDIN Farms Neos.

November 17, 2019

I finally felt it was time to move forward and get another service animal. I had been following Edin Farms for awhile. I reached out and spoke with Jessica. Originally I was interested in a big blue male. Jessica took the time to get to know me and my personality, and matched Stella with me, and said she would be perfect! She was absolutely right! We fell in love with her the minute we met her! Every day is a new adventure with Miss Stella... Jessica remains to be there in any and every question or Scenario...

James Schreiber recommends EDIN Farms PupDates.

November 16, 2019

I have one of her dogs, her name is Stella, she is healthy  microchipped. Stella is perfect
I highly reccomend Edin Farms, I wouldn't reccomend any other
Thank you Edin farms!!!

Tina Schreiber recommends EDIN Farms Neos.

November 3, 2019

Got our Bruno 2 years ago. He arrived happy, healthy, and ready to grow into the handsome fella he is today! Has a great temperament, is very protective, but not aggressive!

Suzanne McCool recommends EDIN Farms PupDates.

September 4, 2019

Just got our 3rd neo from edin farms. Couldn't ask for better babies. Great health. Great disposition. These babies are hand raised and very well socialized. Couldn't be happier.

Clifton Castleman recommends EDIN Farms PupDates.

September 1, 2019

if you are wanting neos this is definitely where you should get them. they have the most cutest and loving pups and i wouldn’t trade my mastiffs for anything in the world!

Hailey Boatwright recommends EDIN Farms Neos.

September 1, 2019

Just wanted to write a quick post here of my EDIN Farms Experience: I contacted EDIN about a year ago as we had a rescue NEO Tri-Pod, Boomer that lost his Big Brother Mastiff post complications after ER Surgery from Stomach Torsion.

We wanted to find Boomer a companion as he became very sad, so I reached out to EDIN and shared our story and Jessica helped us with her expert recommendations and suggested we find an older female Neo to be Boomer’s companion, fast forward to July and we received a call from Jessica that she was looking to rehome her beautiful Ava and she felt she and Boomer would be a good fit!

Not only did Jessica hand-deliver Ava, but she also stayed in constant communication with us for best ways for introductions and getting the dogs acquainted!

We could not be happier with our experience and the professionalism and extraordinary dogs that EDIN Farms has created they are not only the most beautiful Neos they have personalities of Angels!

I give 10 Stars all the way around and I am very proud to be a part of the EDIN Family!

Jennifer Viditz-Ward recommends EDIN Farms PupDates.

August 31, 2019

Friendly, knowledgeable and very accomodating! Quick responses to questions, great advice and tips, and more than helpful every step of the way from purchase to delivery! Would highly recommend to them to anyone who is serious looking on buying a Neapolitan Mastiff!! 

Joe Gould recommends EDIN Farms Neos.

May 19, 2019

Thanks Jessica from providing such a flawless transition with our Sadie, she is perfect

Kerri Ann Betts Lewellyn reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

May 7 2019

I have a family that is not on Facebook but wanted to share their experience 🙂

I don't even know how to begin to thank Edin Farms enough for bringing joy back to me and my family. After losing our beloved Neo Gunther and taking the needed time to grieve our tremendous loss, I started my extensive research of breeders throughout the United States. I am not one to make quick brash decisions and I do my homework extensively. From the very moment of initial contact, I knew I found the right one. Jessica from Edin Farms came into our lives and filled our hearts back up with our precious Tawny Neo puppy Bruin. And what an absolute doll he is. He came to us at 8 weeks fully socialized and loving, curious and trusting. Only puppies that are truly loved from day one have all those traits. The care she provides to this majestic breed is beyond words. Edin Farms truly love what they do and it shows in each and every one of her puppies and their parents. There was consistent contact and communication throughout those weeks of waiting for our little boy. She showed me just how much love she has for all her little fur babies when Bruin arrived in perfect condition and health right at our doorstep! I am still amazed by the detailed paperwork she provided to us including Microchip registration and AKC registration. Even our vet, whom I have gone to for years with my Neos was impressed with her spot on Vaccination Records and Bruin's overall state. I can truly say that I made the absolute best decision of my life working with Edin Farms and I am so glad she allowed us the opportunity and privilege of owning one of their dogs. Thank you so much Jessica!!! My family and I are forever grateful to you!! Sincerely, Elisha Carpenetti ( [email protected] )

Elisha Carpenetti recommends EDIN Farms Neos.

November 15, 2018

Friendly, knowledgeable and very accomodating! Quick responses to questions, great advice and tips, and more than helpful every step of the way from purchase to delivery! Would highly recommend to them to anyone who is serious looking on buying a Neapolitan Mastiff!!

Joe Gould recommends EDIN Farms Neos.

May 19 2019

We got our girl Gigi and it was a great experience. All our questions were answered, and they are always there to help with anything that comes up. Great people to deal with. We are enjoying our new pup!

Sarah Burrell recommends EDIN Farms Neos.

February 6, 2019

I have wanted a Mastiff for many, many years, but have not taken the leap until recently. I couldn't be happier with my new guy, Ozzy. With already being so well socialized before I welcomed him home, he fit right into my little family. He has been such a blessing and Jessica has made the process so easy and stress free. For being a first time mama of this breed, Jessica has been readily available to answer any questions or concerns. I have only had Ozzy for about a month, but he has been such a sweet, smart little guy who I couldn't be happier to have around to love.

Ashley Marie reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

November 6, 2018

We just added a new addition to the family, Baloo! He is a blue neo. He is so sweet. Loves to cuddle, I think starts from the beginning. Jessica has everything well organized and everything that you need all put together. I know if I have a question I can turn to her. She loves what she does and it shows. I have been waiting for a neo for some time and was watching the page to see her interaction with the pups. She was recommended to me and I would highly recommend her to you. She sends updates regularly and pictures as often as she can, she tries to daily! We are a mastiff family, our first neo but we have had english and band mastiffs and she has been by far the most helpful with info. Our other mastiffs we had to do all the research and if you haven’t had a mastiff before-please read about them!!

Emily Higdon Cunningham recommends EDIN Farms Neos.

October 19, 2018

The first 8 weeks of a puppies life plays a large factor into shaping their personality. When I decided to get a Neo, I knew that I wanted to choose a breeder that would take the absolute best care of my puppy in their formative stages so that they would be set up for success. Once I talked to Jessica, I knew without a doubt that person would be her.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jessica and the amazing job that she does raising her puppies. She truly loves the puppies and raises them as a part of her family, giving them lots of love and attention. This was very evident from all of the photos and videos she sent me on a regular basis. I was updated several times a week with lots of videos of happy puppies! Jessica has always been very eager to answer questions and offer advice. She is so helpful and is always there for support when needed.


My puppy arrived very well socialized, confident and healthy. I’ve had friends and family that are blown away by Rogues confidence and personality. All have said they can tell she came from an amazing breeder who must’ve given her lots of love! Rogue was the perfect addition to my family and I truly could not have asked for a better puppy or breeder. Jessica has continued to offer support and has FAR surpassed any expectations I’ve ever had. I am so lucky to have found Edin Farms! Jessica is truly is wonderful and I would 100% recommend Edin Farms to anyone looking to add a gentle giant to their family.

Nicole Cash reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

October 13, 2018

We got our girl back in November and she is just perfect! The entire process went so smoothly from the time that we first got in contact with Jessica until now 3 months later, she has been nothing but helpful! Our girl came very well socialized and adjusted so well into our family. We live several states away and I was very nervous to purchase a dog as we have had a bad experience in the past; however, the driver delivered her directly to my door the day she said she would. The breeder is very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you can come up with. She also sent lots of pictures which I know can be hard and time-consuming. I can't say enough about how happy we are with this purchase.

Tammy Ordaz reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

February 16, 2018

We absolutely love our baby!! We were a little nervous buying a puppy from complete strangers but It was immediately obvious how much they loved her. And they answered every question I had. She was delivered to our front door happy, healthy, clean, and very socialized. We have 9 kids, 3 other dogs, and a cat and she was great with everyone almost immediately.

Liz Shea Chambers reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

October 17, 2017

Working with Edin Farms was a very positive experience my family. We were concerned, excited, happy and anxious about getting a new puppy. Let alone, selecting one from out of state without having any physical interaction with it. All of my questions and concerns were answered via email, text or IM day or night. Personal delivery of our pup and all the paperwork was an added benefit. Our pup has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Tawnya Kellar-Lewis reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

September 11, 2011

I would highly recommend Edin Farms. I went and picked up my puppy. The puppies come from a loving family which was very important for me and my family.I got a very healthy and loveable puppy. They were very informative.Couldn't ask for a better experience.

Raleigh Rencher reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

August 31, 2017

We love our pup from Edin farms.. she is so social and a hoot! Wonderful breeders! Thank u so much to our Lilly!

Corinne Mejia reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

August 2, 2017

Love love our new fur baby Nyla. Jessica was wonderful to work with. She answered all of my questions and has followed up since delivery our pup to make sure any additional questions we had were covered. The whole process was seamless and so easy. I highly recommend EDIN farms neos.

Heather Holloway reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

July 30, 2017

We just got our new neo puppy on Thursday! She is so amazing and very well socialized. My husband and I couldn't find a breeder in state so we started researching out of state breeders. We decided on Edin Farms based on the reviews and how easy the owner made the process. We received weekly updates with pictures of our new baby which made the experience that much better. Barb the driver was fantastic as well. There is no other place or breeder to get a Neo. This is our first neo from Edin but won't be our last- Edin Farms fur ever!

Renee Shubert Martin reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

July 29, 2017

Such an excellent experience to be able to watch your baby grow from states away; while constantly being updated. We made the right choice and found our perfect new pup, Pablo. Edin farms helped make the puppy adjust very well to his new home, as well as providing door delivery for the pup! I will highly recommend EDIN farms for anyone looking for a neo 

Alexia Renee Vela reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

July 29, 2017

We were worried about buying a dog out of state and let alone from a breeder we've never met before. But she made it very comfortable and easy for us. She sent us weekly pictures of him and let us know how he was doing. Her personal driver was very nice and made it easy. He was deliver to our front door right in time. He came with all of his paperwork, including his shot records. I would highly suggest doing business with edin farms.

Jason Hanson reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

June 1, 2017

The entire process from beginning to end was so gratifying. EDIN Farms sent me multiple pictures of my baby and updates at least once a week. Our puppy was delivered to us on time and she was in very good spirits. All of my interactions with EDIN were warm and professional. I felt very confident that I would get a wonderful dog and I did. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Neapolitan Mastiff.

Andrea Calaway reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

June 1, 2017

We picked our new puppy for our 10 year anniversary gift. Couldn't be happier. He follows us everywhere we go and has the best temperament of any dog we have ever owned. Not to mention that he is the best looking dog ever lol. Our 4 kids fell in love with him immediately and he is great with them. Highly recommended edin farms puppies!

K.C Read reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

June 1, 2017

My husband and I did a lot of research and hunting for the right breeder when we decided on a Neapolitan Mastiff.. When we found Edin farms we were so excited. At first we were skeptical since we live so far away in North Carolina. Edin farms made this the best experience we've ever had with a pet. Barb delivered our baby right to our front door! Now that's 5 star service! Our baby Neo is perfect! No stress or any problems like when you have to ship them! He fit right in our family! Now the only problem is he's so clumsy because he's growing faster and bigger then his 11 weeks brain can keep up with!!!! We recommend everyone interested in this breed should get their baby from Edin farms!!!!

'Chasidy Mae Martin reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

April 9, 2017

We love our Roxy. She is a great breeder and I would suggest her to anyone!

Lauren Rauer reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

March 24, 2017

We just got our Neo on Friday and we LOVE him!! I had been researching the breed and talking with different breeders since last September. Something about sending money to a total stranger across the states really worried me!! Once I found Edin Farms and talked with Jessica, it was a whole new feeling than I had had with anyone else. We picked Neo when he was only a week old. It was such a fun experience getting pictures and updates through the following 7 weeks. Jessica was awesome with sending picture and answering a million questions I had. Neo is such a sweet puppy. You can tell he has been loved on and socialized from the start. Let's just say he is pretty spoiled. I recommend Edin Farms to anyone and would love to talk to anyone thAt needs more convincing!!

Becky Brown reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

March 19, 2017

We were hesitant to buy a puppy online /out of state, but after verifying breeder status with the association listed on the website as well as the ease of communicating with Jessica we felt comfortable and purchased the most adorable puppy. We enjoyed the pictures and the updates, and she responded quickly to our questions. He is healthy and growing!!

Mario Javier Passaro reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

February 6, 2017

We live in Ohio and has some nerves about sending money and waiting for a puppy we had only seen photos of. Boy did we have nothing to worry about. Our baby girl was delivered to our doorstep by the sweetest lady who took great care of our girl and kept in contact the whole way. We are so happy with the process and our baby girl Dixie. Thank you Edin Farms for being so caring and helpful through the whole process.

Annette Brock Price reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

February 4, 2017

Great people to work with. My big boy is exactly what I expected and more! The delivery option was great! Driver was fantastic and on time. Couldn't be happier!

Bryan Jones reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

January 28, 2017

Jessica was amazing through the whole process!! Responded very quickly and answered all of my questions! She sent me updated pictures and videos of my puppy before her arrival. She also checked in after we received our puppy to see how she was adapting to her new home, and gave us some advice! Aspen, our little blue puppy, arrived in great health! You can tell she was well taken care of! Aspen is a bundle of energy at times and a cuddle bug after she has exhausted herself! She is cute as could be! Barb, the women who transported Aspen from Missouri to New York was awesome as well! She kept us updated during her trip if she was running late due to traffic. Overall, an amazing experience from start to finish! Thank for your little girl, Aspen! 

Samantha Fawcett Smith reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

January 28, 2017

We could not be more pleased with our puppy or with their service and communication as well! Our fur baby was delivered personally by them and she had not only been raised inside but loved by their entire family. Her potty training was well on its way thanks to the attention they had given her prior to her finding us! Highly recommend if you want a quality puppy that has already been socialized and loved!

Casie Rauer reviewed EDIN Farms Neos — 5 star

January 5, 2017