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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Q and A's

How do I know you are not a scam artist?

Well, mostly because scammers won't have this as a FAQ 😉

Most of my reviews that are posted here on my site are found on my Facebook Page, you can see the profiles of those families. I am near the 50 mark on how many reviews have been posted there and you can easily see they are from real people.

I am happy to answer questions via email/text/messenger.

I am also happy to talk on the phone. Please note that I am nearly always busy tending my dogs, farm critters and family, so if I don't have time to talk I will set up a time with you! This way I am not in the middle of chores or have dogs barking, kids yelling, sheep escaping their pen... we won't talk about that darn bull.... 

How much are your puppies?

EDIN Puppies are listed at $3,500 to $4,500 with limited AKC registration (no breeding rights) plus delivery if needed

What information do you need to approve me as a new family?

I pick my families as carefully as I possibly can. That is right, I pick you as one of my families, just as much as you pick me as your Breeder. I want to be just as comfortable that my puppy is going to a great new home as you want to be with me being an honorable Breeder. I love to get to know each of my families as best I can.

I want to know about your Pet Past, Present & Future.

Do you have kiddos? ages? have they helped with a puppy before?

What kind of house/yard space would you be openly offering your new Neo Pup?

What type of training and socialization do you have planned?

Please tell me anything you would like to about what would make you a great family to raise one of my puppies.

You can use the Contact Us form below, email edin[email protected], or facebook message on my page EDIN Farms Neos.

Do you health test your parents?

Yes! I get my dogs hearts, hips and elbows checked using OFA and PennHip. 

Do you offer full breeding rights?

Rarely. I will consider it for an additional cost and a lot more information on your breeding program.

How much does delivery cost?

I do not use any form of commercial shipping. I have a great personally hired driver that delivers my pups door to door coast to coast if you are not able to come pick up your puppy in person. For an accurate quote please let me know your City & State in your inquiry.

How does your wait list work?

After I have chosen you as a new family, I have a $300 wait list deposit that places you as 'next pick'. This deposit is non-refundable unless I do not produce a puppy within 12 months that is the sex you are looking for. I do not promise a specific color. This deposit does go towards the full puppy price. If I do not produce what you are looking for on my upcoming litter, you are welcome to transfer this deposit to my next litter and move up the pick list as 'next pick'

Do you participate in AKC Shows/Events?

Yes! I do not currently champion all of my dogs but I do my best to make sure they are proper examples of the Breed Standard and in great health at all times. I have only recently started showing my own dogs and it can be quite a bit of time away from the Farm and Family so I focus on health testing and leave the showing as an extra curricular event that I can enjoy instead of stress over. If you are looking for true show quality pups, I do have some parents that would be a great match for the ability to provide that. I do not however guarantee show quality (as most breeders do not)

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